California Ballet Joins the Blogging Scene! ! !

We are taking strides into the twenty-first century, and today we join the world of Blogging! It is our hope that we will keep you updated, engaged, entertained, and coming back. If there is ever anything you’d like to know about upcoming events, special offers, ways to help, or anything else that comes to mind, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, and we will do our best to address your questions, comments, and concerns in upcoming posts.

After this introductory post, future blogs will be written by the California Ballet Company Director, Maxine Mahon, unless otherwise noted. We thank you all for your interest, patronage, and dedication to our ballet company, and we look forward to seeing you back at our blog in the near future!

–The California Ballet Company Staff  



2 Responses to “California Ballet Joins the Blogging Scene! ! !”

  1. Nancy Daly Says:

    Dear California Ballet,

    This looks great! Nice to see a blog here… will make a donation to this fine organization today!

    Please send an email blast out to everyone telling them about this blog! 🙂


  2. Gabriela Fiol Says:

    Hi, my name is Gabby, I was in ballet in Ensenada with Alfredo Blancarte and went to California Ballet for like 5 months in 1998. I Stoped almos 5 years ago because I came to US. I have 3 daugthers and I want to take them to Ballet in California Ballet, my question is if you have schoolarships that my daugthers can have? or if I can work with you? and that way my daugthers can take ballet classes. Any way you can help me, please let me know… I’ll apreciate your help…. Thank you…
    Gabby Fiol

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