Our Fundraiser is Off to a Strong Start!

For our first day, we raised $5,785!

And it’s all because of YOU! The outpouring of support for California Ballet from not just San Diego, but all of Southern California and, in fact, the entire nation has been exciting, flattering, invigorating, and altogether humbling.


We’ve always known that the community supports California Ballet, but seeing the amount of people who have taken our emails, blogs, tweets, Facebook comments, Facebook Cause, and passed them onto their friends has been incredible!

While we, the CBC staff, are doing everything we can to get the word out there, it’s YOU, our loyal fans, who are making the difference! Keep telling your friends and families about what we’re trying to do. Remember, spreading the word is just as valuable as donating.

Your donations have been wonderful:

We raised $5,785!

It’s only just the beginning. As our online fundraiser progresses, more and more people will learn about what we are trying to do. With your help, we can easily turn that total into the $225,000 that is our goal!


Remember, no goal is too high to reach!   

So keep pounding the “pavement”, and we’ll be doing our part to insure the success of not just this fundraiser, but the 42-year-old cultural gem that is The California Ballet Company!


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