Dancing With Our Friends

The fundraiser is dancing right along, and all of you are dancing side-by-side with us! Your hard work spreading the news of our need has brought the total, as of this morning, to:






We’re getting really excited now!



Remember, it’s easy to donate if you’re reading this blog! All you have to do is click the picture of our three dancers that’s just to the right!

On our Facebook Causes page, California Ballet – Sharing the Art With Children, we now have 122 members! Of those members, only seven have donated, bringing our donation total, for Facebook Causes alone, to $705.

If you are already a member and haven’t donated yet, you might consider this: if every member of our Cause donated just $10, that would equal $1,220. Then if every member got a friend to join and donate just $10, think what that could do for the company!

If you aren’t a member of our Cause, you should join. It’s a fast and easy way to spread the word about California Ballet’s fundraiser!

We send our thanks to those of you that have been active members in California Ballet’s Cause. And an extra thanks goes out to those who have already donated to the Cause, you know who you are!



To join California Ballet’s Facebook Cause, Click Here!



We also don’t want to forget to thank everyone who has donated through our website, by phone, in person, or via mail! It would take too much space to list all of you, but we wish to acknowledge your generosity!




If you would like to see a list of the current contributors, you can find one on the California Ballet Website. Click here for the list!


Another online article was published at the CW Channel 6 website! Interested in reading it? Click Here!

That’s all the news for now, check back in at a later time for another update! In the meantime, enjoy the clip below from an interview with Denise Dabrowski and John Stubb!


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