Weekend Lull

Well, the weekend was calmer than we would have liked, but we did still manage to bring in a few donations. As of this morning, the new tally is:


We find ourselves in the final week of our Season 43 Fundraiser! We’ve had some wonderful involvement from the community, and we’ve seen a lot of support.

Unfortunately, although everyone understands our needs, and is willing to spread the word, we are still lacking the support in the one place that California Ballet Company needs it most:Donations!

Remember, this Company won’t be able to announce a full 43rd season without your help and support! Without our community backing us, we won’t be able to back our community.

California Ballet has always been an advocate of supporting others as much as others support us. Without the necessary financial support, other organizations will miss out on important opportunities!

Below is a short list of just a few organizations that have benefitted from California Ballet’s support over the years:

  • Children with life threatening diseases(Rady Childrens Hospital/Emilio Nares Foundation)
  • Underserved and Abused Children (The Children’s Initiative, Episcopal Community Services, The Monarch School)
  • Military Families(Operation Homefront Southern California)
  • Special Olympics of Orange County
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation of San Diego
  • American Lung Association
  • American Red Cross
  • and many, many more . . .

outreach As little as a ten dollar donation will allow us to bring underserved, underprivileged, and abused children to our performances for free, offering them much needed arts exposure, and a few hours of enjoyment that would otherwise be denied to them.



As little as a ten dollar donation will allow us to bring children with life threatening diseases to the ballet, exposing them to the arts for the first, and sometimes the last time in their lives.


Nutcracker_December_2009_010-2As little as a ten dollar donation will allow us to offer discounted or free tickets to our underpaid soldiers, allowing those who risk their lives for country and home to spend a few quality hours with families they rarely see, in a setting that would otherwise be denied to them.



As little as a ten dollar donation will allow us to donate tickets to other organizations in need for festivals, dinners, and silent auctions that provide them with much needed income so that they may continue to serve our community.


Your donation, no matter how small, will reach out and touch our entire community, in come cases changing the lives of the people to whom California Ballet reaches out.

Remember, when you support us, you aren’t just supporting the arts,  you are supporting your community as a whole.

-Maxine Mahon



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