Next to Last Day!

Well, here we are on the next to last day of our Season 43 Fundraiser. The tally as of this morning comes to:



We’ve been pounding the pavement for two weeks, and the amount of notice, new people following us, income of donations, and more have been incredibly heartening. We’ve heard from many family members, reconnected with a ton of old friends, and made an amazing amount of new friends!


We still have our current fundraising challenge: the next person or company to donate $500 will receive season tickets for two (2) for California Ballet Company’s entire 43rd season! No one has met this challenge as of yet, so those tickets are still up for grabs!



We haven’t achieved the monetary goal for which we originally set out, but the fundraiser isn’t yet over. We still have tonight and all day tomorrow! So get out there and keep up the momentum for the last stretch!

Remember, you, your friends, and your family may donate by:

  1. Clicking on the picture of the three dancers to the right
  2. Logging onto Facebook Causes
  3. Calling (858) 560-6741
  4. Mailing a donation to: 4819 Ronson Court
                                  San Diego, CA 92111


Keep in mind that donations will be made to the California Ballet Company whenever you do one of the following:

  1. Register your grocery loyalty, credit, and debit cards at
  2. Purchase an item from OrganicPlanet: Click Here to see the store!
  3. Purchase an item from Elsa’s Unique Jewelry and mention CBC in the comment box: Click Here to see the store!
  4. Purchase an item from T/J: Click Here to see the store!
  5. Go in for a haircut or styling at Roots Hair Salon, by David Root, and mention California Ballet! Call for directions and an appointment: (619) 291-0402


And remember, it isn’t over until the Prima Ballerina takes her bow!


-The California Ballet Staff


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