Don’t just see the ballet, be a part of it!

Every ballet company has their dancers, choreographers, directors, and patrons. They are all important, but there is a special group of people that are indispensable when it comes to making the magic happen. Who, you ask?

The Volunteers! ! !


Think about your experience at the ballet. . .

  • See those beautiful costumes? It’s the volunteers that sew and mend and beautify each and every one.
  • See those amazing set pieces? It’s the volunteers that nail and clean and polish each piece.
  • Remember that incredible reception after the performance? It’s the volunteers that found the caterer, secured the wine, and ensured your enjoyment.

Without the amazing people that help us out of kindness and dedication, the most important part of our ballet company would be missing: the heart and soul.


When was the last time you thanked a volunteer for their hard work, whether here at California Ballet, or at any other arts organization, museum, or community function. Take a moment next time and tell them how much their hard work means to you.

In the same vein, California Ballet Company is ramping up for it’s forty-third season. What does this mean? Lots of beautiful dancing, amazing ballets, and fantastic events! Guess who is     indispensible . . . that’s right! The volunteers!


Our first major event of the season is an all-inclusive Halloween experience called Ballet Bites A Taste of Transylvania. There will be an amazing performance, and it will be paired with a themed dinner, photo opportunities and more!

At this time, we are looking for excited, motivated, fresh and forward-thinking individuals who are filled with great ideas and looking to be a part of something special! We have the perfect place for you.

Join our Event Planning Committee. Don’t just come to the ballet events, be a part of the team that makes them happen!

If you are in the San Diego area, and interested in joining the committee for Ballet Bites, the first meeting will be on Saturday, August 28th at 9:30am.

For more information, email us at:

Be sure to mention your interest in the Ballet Bites planning committee.

We look forward to working with you real soon!

–The California Ballet Staff


One Response to “Don’t just see the ballet, be a part of it!”

  1. Tawana Liebert Says:

    This is great! I can’t wait to see more.

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