California Ballet’s 45 in 45

California Ballet needs to raise $45,000 in 45 days,

and we need your help to do it.


California Ballet Company is turning 45! Can you believe it? We have special needs this year and in order to make our 45th Sapphire Anniversary Season a success we’re putting together a special team to help us meet those needs: Team 45! How do you join? It’s simple. Go to our page by CLICKING HERE and do one of the following:

The easiest way is to donate $45.

For the cost of a few coffees or one dinner out, you become a part of Team 45. You will help California Ballet refurbish our Nutcracker sets, set money aside to hire an orchestra for Swan Lake in May 2013, buy pointe shoes for our ballerinas, and more! CLICK HERE to donate.

But, you don’t have to donate to become a teammate.

You can also create your own fundraising page and get your friends, family, and online community to join Team 45. Plus, there’s an added perk when you do:

The teammate who gets the most friends to donate on their fundraising page will

win a tablet computer!

If everyone donated $45, it would only take 1,000 people to reach our goal! That’s not very many when you think about it. CLICK HERE to create your own fundraising page! Teammates will receive:

  • A special California Ballet Team 45 awareness ribbon (when a mailing address is provided)
  • Access to the VIP lounge at select California Ballet performances when you wear your ribbon
  • Your name in the California Ballet yearbook and programs
  • The opportunity to sign the back of a newly refurbished Nutcraker set piece and have your name onstage for the next 45 years!

The more successful our fundraiser, the more exiting our 45th season will be. So get your friends to become teammates and help us celebrate 45 in style!


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