Where to Find Us On the Web

  • Wondering where you can find out what’s happening in our Company?
    Would you like to see some videos of past performances?
    Do you want to see some photos of our dancers or ballets?
    Wondering how you can donate to California Ballet, and get other to donate as well?


Here are a list of links that will keep you fully connected with California Ballet Company:



The best place to find out what’s happening in our Company is to visit the Official California Ballet Website!
Click Here to surf there now!




Would you like a more personal connection with the company? Facebook is a great place to go for personal messages, connecting with other California Ballet Fans, looking at pictures, and viewing video!
Click Here to surf there now!



Are you interested in donating to the Company? Do you want to stir up others’ interest? Facebook Causes is a great place to network with other Arts Activists, tell others why you love California Ballet, share photos, video, and stories about supporting the arts. Donating is a social experience, and California Ballet – Sharing the Art With Children is a perfect place for it all! Join our Facebook Cause today!
Click Here to surf there now!



Do you like to stay in touch, but don’t have time for full-length emails or Blogs? Then lucky for you, California Ballet Company has its own Twitter profile, with short but sweet Tweets keeping you in the loop! Follow us on Twitter, and never miss a step!
Click Here to surf there now!



Dance is a visual art form, so why shouldn’t you want to see some videos? YouTube is a perfect place for you to find clips of old performances, teasers of upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals, and video interviews with individuals in the artistic community!
Click Here to surf there now!



And of course, there’s always right here at our WordPress Blog! Here we’ll keep you up to date on upcoming shows, share with you the inner workings of the arts industry, provide you with ballet history, and more! There’s always something interesting to read on our blog, so be sure to check back periodically! And if you subscribe to our blog, you’ll be automatically notified when we post something new! Subscribe by clicking the Stay Informed button on the sidebar, or
Click Here to go back to our home page!


With so many ways to keep updated and stay involved, we hope you’ll find being a part of the California Ballet Company family both fun and exciting! And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop in at our studios and see what we’re all about!




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